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Terms & Conditions

We request that you carefully read through these Terms and Conditions, as we will assume that by placing an order with us for the supply of Goods and/or Services, you have read, understood, and acknowledged your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Prices: All prices shown herein are GST EXCLUDED. Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars only. Please appreciate that prices may change from time to time without notice.

Account Trading Terms: All invoices for Account Holding Clients in Australia are due and payable within 14 days from the invoice date. Payment can be effected by EFT or Credit Card (refer to the next section for Credit Card terms). Our Bank Account details are shown on the bottom right-hand corner of all Invoices and Account Statements. We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw, without notice, Credit facilities from any account which exceeds our trading terms. All invoices for Overseas Clients are payable prior to despatch/shipping.

Credit Cards: We will accept payment by either Mastercard, Visa or American Express (1.5% surcharge applies to AMEX), but ONLY at the time an order is processed and invoiced. If you wish to pay by Credit/Debit Card for goods to be supplied, please confirm this to us at the time each order is placed. Under certain circumstances, we will consider accepting payment by Credit/Debit Card for Invoices outstanding, but there will be a 2% Surcharge applied (additional to 1.5% surcharge on AMEX) to the outstanding amount if the Invoice or Invoices being paid are outstanding by more than 14 days.

Product & Client Codes: For your additional reference when ordering, we have included our own Product Codes in this Catalogue. When placing an order with us, please feel free to include these Product Codes to assist us in supplying your needs. You can also assist us by quoting your own unique Client Code which you will find shown on all Invoices and Account Statements.

Goods Returned: Prior approval should be obtained before any goods are returned for Credit. Upon obtaining approval, the goods must be returned Freight Paid within 14 days from the date of the original invoice. We reserve the right to Charge a re-stocking fee of either 10% (+GST) of the value of the goods being returned, or $15.00 (+GST), whichever is greater. Further, please ensure all goods being returned for Credit are in the Manufacturer’s original un-opened packaging, and are packed for return in an appropriate manner to ensure they are delivered back to us in an un-crushed, un-damaged, and resaleable, condition.

Freight Charges – General Goods: (Delivered anywhere in Australia by our nominated Carriers) We will fully subsidise the Packing, Handling and Delivery costs of any order (excluding Furniture, Large Items of Equipment, and some bulky goods) with an Invoice Value in Excess of $250.00 (GST excluded). Any non-bulky order with an Invoice Value of Less than $250.00 (GST excluded) will be charged an amount of $12.00 (+GST) to help offset the costs incurred in the Packing, Handling and Delivery of said order.

Freight Charges – Furniture and Large Items of Equipment: Freight charges may be payable on certain items of Furniture and Equipment, depending on, amongst other things, the final delivery destination. All Furniture and Equipment such as Podiatry Chairs and Couches, Cabinets, and Autoclaves, will be delivered by our nominated Carriers in a Crated/Boxed/Palletised form to your nearest practicable GROUND FLOOR point of entry. They WILL NOT attempt to carry these goods up any stairs or steps, nor will they unpack, assemble, or set-up, Equipment or remove any packing materials from the site. If you require any of these services, please advise us at the time of placing your order so we may endeavour to fulfil these additional requirements for you, but please appreciate that the additional costs will be charged and payable.

Freight Charges – Service and Repairs: Packing, Handling and Delivery Charges are applicable on ALL Equipment and Instrument Service and Repairs, irrespective of the final Invoice Value of such Service or Repair.

Freight Charges – Export: Freight, and certain other costs we incur, are payable on all export orders.

Effecting Delivery: IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ It is imperative that when our Carriers arrive at your nominated delivery address, they are able to effect delivery, either by the fact that the premises are attended, or specific instructions are available as to where to leave the goods. Neither we, nor our Carriers, will accept any responsibility for goods left (by instruction) at an unattended location which are later found to have been misappropriated after delivery. If our Carriers are unable to effect any delivery during normal working hours, due to non-attendance of the recipient at the nominated delivery point, any and all additional charges we incur for re-delivery at a later time will be passed on to you, the Client.

Accepting Delivery: When signing a Carrier’s Delivery Docket accepting receipt of a consignment, please ensure that the quantity of packages you are signing for is the same quantity that is shown on the Delivery Docket. If the full quantity of packages shown on the Carrier’s Delivery Docket has been signed for, the Carrier will consider the Delivery to be complete and may not assist in the search for any missing packages.

Special Buy-Ins: General goods bought in specifically by request WILL NOT be accepted for return or Credit, and will incur a Special Buy-In charge of $15.00 (+GST) regardless of their value. Freight charges are additional as per our normal freight policy.

Product Descriptions: The specifications and descriptions of all products listed herein may change from time to time without notice. All photographs, illustrations, line drawings, dimensions, and sizes, where shown, are included for reference and guidance only. You should not rely on them to be accurate by scale, and the product supplied may vary from the specifications indicated.

Privacy Policy:This Privacy policy sets out how Briggate Medical Company (BMC) uses and protects any information that you give BMC when using this website. BMC is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and that all information that we collect and hold is used lawfully.

Through this website we may ask you for the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address(es)
  • Your contact details
  • Your email address

This information is requested to improve our level of service to you and at no time shall be traded, sold or transferred to outside parties. Unless certain outside parties are contracted and trusted to provide a service that you have requested (eg. transportation companies). These outside companies must disclose their own security and privacy policies, but BMC are not responsible for their handling of your private information.

BMC may, from time to time, choose to send you some information. We regard this information to be in your best interest and/or necessary for us to conduct business with you.

If you believe that the information we are holding about you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to, or email us, as soon as possible. We will promptly correct/update this information accordingly.

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